“If you are out there…”

Dear Alien,

if you are out there, I’d like to ask you a few things. I must tell you, I’m not afraid of you. In fact, I’d like to meet you. To see if your skin is really green, if you actually have big black eyes, if you have antennae on your head.

If you are out there, do you see the same Sun as we do? Is your sky blue as ours? Does your planet have big, big oceans? Is there ice at the north or the south? Are there forests, full of trees and life, and if so, what animals live there? Do you have fields of colourful flowers, crystal-clear lakes, mountains whose tops are covered in snow?

What are your people like? Do you say ‘good morning’ as we do, do you wish eachother ‘good night’ before you  go to sleep? Do you get up early to go to work, or school? What is your history? Do you also have stories of great achievements, important people, terrible wars?  Or did you realise that you must all live in harmony and peace?

Is there Art in your planet? Do you like music, or literature? Do you have museums and fancy buildings? Are there cinemas, televisions, libraries? What do you do, in order to express your feelings? Is there love and hate there? Silly question, that one. Of course there is.

Do you believe in God? If so, how different is your God from ours? Or is religion something you don’t have in your planet? What philosophies have taken root in your minds, what are your beliefs regarding the vast blackness of the Universe? Do you feel alone in it? Are you searching for some strange lifeform in another planet, another galaxy, like us?

I wish that this letter finds its way to you. Oh, so many questions! I will await for the answers, for as long as it takes. May we find eachother, and may we be friends. Until then, my fellow traveler of the Universe, take care.



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