150 pieces of candy

Let us picture happiness as a bag full of things. It can be anything, really. I’ll be using candy because a) I love candy and b) find your own thing!

Every human being is born with this hypothetical bag containing 150 pieces of candy. That is the default amount of ‘happiness’. It is given to you with two caveats; the first is that you must always give candy to everyone else. The second is that, in order for you to be fine, you can never have less than a hundred pieces. If you ever have less, that’s sadness for you.

So, you start living. You meet people, form friendships, rivalries, you name it. To the people close to you, you have given some pieces of your candy, as have they. So far so good. You grow older, you enter your “-teen” years, you suddenly begin to feel attraction to the other, or the same sex. You bond with certain people. You call that bonding a ‘relationship’. You must always give candy, remember? So, you do give them a portion of yours, they give you a portion of theirs. You break up, at some point.

What happened?  Well, one of two things happened: you either gave more candies, to the point of reaching below 100, or they did. In both cases, one party did not receive the deserved amount of candy, the one that kept the balance. So, either of you has moved on, to a person who has the candy and they’re willing to share.

As you grow older, you notice that your willingess to give out candy is lessening. You are hardened now, you want to share it only with those you find worthy. You have been betrayed, insulted, mocked. You have also done these things to others (you are no saint, and no you cannot convince me otherwise). That’s fine. That’s called ‘human interactions’. They are bound to hurt, sometimes.

You have to learn this simple lesson, though: Always give candy to others. It’s the cool thing to do. But you always, ALWAYS have to take the candy you deserve too. Otherwise, it’s just sadness for you.

(And that kids, is why sharing is important. Peace!)


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