“Thoughts before coffee” Part 2: We don’t communicate anymore.

You are, with a 98.23% certainty, a human being. If not, hail to the Supreme Lizard Overlords! Humans (or S.L.Os for that matter) build societies, complex systems not unlike a spider’s web. Each stroke on this web can send off vibrations which affect the entire system. How did we do that? Dull, boring answer incoming: it was through communication.

At first, this probably meant gestures and guttural sounds, similar to those of Jabba the Hut. Later, when our primate brains developed, languages came along. The need to cooperate in order to avoid being eaten by one of Diego’s cousins (wow, two cultural references in the same paragraph), led to the creation of the first societies.

Flash forward some hundreds of years, and we can see our ancestors’ process. They have built towns and cities, carved the epic tale of Gilgamesh, they built the pyramids (I swear, I’ll stop), and most importantly, they begun questioning the world around them. This led to the conception of Philosophy.

And we return to today. We, who carry the legacy of great people on our backs, who have access to almost every piece of knowledge, have lost the ability to communicate. It’s real, it’s dangerous, and it may well be our downfall. Just think of every political topics you’ve ever discussed with another person, and you’ll see it: you both argue, not for the sake of it, not to learn from each other, but to convince the other side you are right and they are wrong. Don’t get me wrong, our ancestors did the same thing (just look at Plato’s dialogues), and dissing the other side has always been a way to assert one’s dominance. It’s like our entire civilization was based solely on rap battles.

Arguing is an integral part of every culture of the world. Questioning everything makes our brains work, it makes solutions possible. It should  be used as a tool for improvement, not as a self-confidence boost. I understand that today, with the broadened view of the world, a person can feel isolated. It is only natural. But, we are using arguments wrong, just because  we feel we are insignificant in this vast world of ours. We won’t progress any further if we keep trying to convince others we are right. We will just continue a circle of meaningless arguing, always trying to gain the higher ground instead of obtaining knowledge and opening our minds.

And that’s just sad.


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