“Thoughts before coffee” Part 4: Yes, they are the same!

You are at your local comic book store. The new issue of “Batman” is out! You take it, look at the cover, marvelling at the prospect of a brand-new chapter in your favourite caped crusader’s story. You go home, open it carefully, and start reading, admiring the incredible artwork at the same time.

Now back to me: I go to the local anime-related place. The new issue of “One Piece” is out! Repeat process from the last paragraph. See any differences?

Oh yeah! The first one’s in English, the second in… English too, but the original one is in Japanese! Also, manga is read from right to left… and the artwork’s different too… that is all, I think. What’s my point? Simple, really: MANGA AND COMICS ARE THE SAME THING! Hate this as much as you like, but you cannot deny it. I have read arguments, but most of them focus on issues such as “distribution” (volumes vs magazines), colored vs noncolored and the arc duration.

While those are undeniable differences, they are, ultimately, unimportant. Why? Well, because in the end, whether it is a manga or a comic, it comes down to what they both have to offer. Sure, manga do tend to incorporate various ‘adult’ themes and have a broader audience, but that does not change the fact that they are telling a story, just like comics. Also, comics do tend to get a bit ‘dark’ and ‘adult-themed’, albeit in a slightly toned-down manner.

So, instead of arguing, why not enjoy whatever you like? Don’t  make silly comparisons (they’re not the same, X is better than Y). They’re the same form of art. Treat them as such, and have fun with either.

Gotta go grab my coffee! See ya around!



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