“Thoughts before coffee” Part 5: Don’t give up on your writing.

I am an aspiring writer, having just recently completed my first book and currently hoping I will get it published soon. It is not an easy task, as probably many of you know. You know how hard it is  when your brain is emptier than the Boötes void when it comes to new ideas. What do you do then? You obviously don’t want to stop writing (piece of advice: don’t. Keep writing. It is good, trust me).

New ideas come as a result of various influences and conditions. You have to always be in a state where things are never stable. By that, I mean that a routine can and will ruin your imagination. Now, I cannot tell you what to do exactly. Suggestions that come to mind include travelling, meeting new people, going out with friends and whatever comes to mind. Hell, even working out might help.

Staying stuck in the same circle, without any interaction with the rest of mankind,  can be really dangerous for your inspiration. Why, it is even more dangerous for your brain, as studies have proven. The effect loneliness can have on your psyche can be devastating. Imagine what it can do to your writing process.

You might also be under the impression that what you are writing is not good enough. You might be saying “I cannot write comedies. God, do I suck!”. Screw that! Have you tried it? Have you tried discussing it with friends? Always, always get your ideas out there. It is really helpful, trust me. Listening to your own ideas being discussed by another person  can be what you needed to find the  flaws and devise improvements. Try again, fail, repeat, eventually succeed. That’s how it goes.

But, the most important thing to remember is that nobody can push you when or what to write. What if you did not write a single page this week? Maybe the conditions are not ideal, maybe you are not in the mood. Instead of focusing on why your novel does not progress and getting sad because of this, try something different. Get those brain juices flowing. And, most importantly, get out there. Because, in the end, what does shape our stories, if not the world’s influence on us?

Coffee’s getting cold. See you around, everyone!


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