“Thoughts before coffee” Part 10: You are always in your stories.

When writing a new chapter in my mini-series, my book, or a short story, it is always about something that either troubles me, or an adventure I’ve been dreaming of since I was a kid. It is part of our nature: we all love fantastic tales, worlds unlike our own. Deep down, we all want to live in a fantasy world. That is why, when we begin writing our own stories, a part of us is instilled within.

It is our way of living in a world which is only real in our minds. Your protagonist does have some things similar to you. They might share your view of the world, they could have some skills you have (or wish you had), they may even look a bit like you (or how you wish you’d look). We shape them in our image, feeling that sense of divine power rushing in our veins. Yeah, writers tend not to be that modest. I don’t think it’s bad, so long as it doesn’t piss everyone off. Don’t be the bragger, it’s never cool.

When creating a character from scratch, we use our experiences, real-life examples, people we know and love (or hate). In the end, it all comes down to the way we perceive everything. That’s why our stories will always be unique, even when they seem to be blatant copies (unless, you know, we try our best not to be unique). Because no other person thinks exactly like you. So, go out there, experience the world, let it affect you. Sharpen your mind. And give life to those weirdos talking to your head.

(Quick note: if you think you are possessed, please contact the local church. Or Keanu Reeves -as “Constantine”.)

That’s it for today, I’ll be seeing you all tomorrow!


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