“Thoughts before coffee” Part 11: Dystopian fiction

A popular genre of Literature, dystopian fiction is gaining ground by the day. ‘Hunger Games’, ‘The Maze Runner’, the ‘Divergent’ trilogy are but a few examples of this phenomenon. Wanna know why? *leans closer to your ear* Do you?

Literature, in any form, has the habit of keeping up with the times. In ancient times, tales of heroism were all the hype, the Middle Ages had the hots for religious texts and so on. When we see our world today, we tend to picture our future as not-so-bright. I’m not going to go into detail here (politics), but you get where I’m going with this.

We live in a fast-paced, isolating environment. Wages are plummeting, unemployment rises. Social relations have been replaced by ‘social’ media.  People feel more comfort within the confines of their own brains than with eachother. A trajectory that’s depressing, dangerous and boring all at the same time. Those are examples, by the way. I can only imagine what would happen if everything was 100% accurate. Exaggerations, yet with an idea of truth somewhere in there. We feel miserable, unable to shape our own destinies. A pathetic idea, yet people have it stuck in their heads.

So Literature and, by extension, those who represent it, are all about depicting and delivering what our collective misery envisions the future will bring: a destroyed state that enforces the younger members to participate in gladiator-style battle royales, a deserted place that experiments upon the youth, or subservience and segregation.

You do notice that the stories always involve people of a young age, right? I do not believe this is some random thing, just for the views and sales. Maybe it is, but you cannot deny that the pattern exists for a reason: who better for bringing society back to a humane state than the youth? The younger generations have always been the more rebellious, so it stands to reason that they will be the leaders of the revolution in every story.

And I believe this has to do with another thing dystopian fiction wants to offer us: comfort. That feeling of hope we are so desparately clinging to, thanks to our bleak view of today’s society. In the end, the good guys win. Or, in the least, their lives improve. That cannot be all bad, right?

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