“Thoughts before coffee” Part 16: Please, it’s 2017…

It is almost Easter time for the Orthodox Church. Here in Greece, it is customary to transfer the Holy Light from Jerusalem to Athens and distribute it to the rest of the country. While I agree with the Atheist Union’s reaction, regarding the cost of such a transfer (estimated to be at around 4 million Euro) and the extravagance of such an event, I have talked with several people and read a healthy (for my mental state) amount of FB comments, and I’ve drawn some conclusions regarding this really hot potato: Religion VS Atheism.

One is that, for people who call others for justice, equal rights and respect, atheists sometimes (and I emphasise that, just to be clear) tend to be very narrow-minded when it comes to religion. A Christian will be immediately mocked for being ‘a blindfolded sheep that has no mind of their own’. As if being an atheist magically makes one smarter or something. Also, for people who believe in Science and in things proven by it, they cannot bring any scientific evidence of whether God exists or not. REAL scientific evidence, mind you. No, saying that “based on X axiom, God does not exist”, is oversimplifying a matter that has troubled most of the greatest philosophers! Bring me the studies that prove you right once and for all, and I will accept you.

A second conclusion, this time on religious people: they sometimes (still emphasising that) demonize atheists as being ‘evil’, ‘deranged’ or whatever. They are the same people who will make the sign of the cross, only to curse the name of God the next minute something bad happens to them (something that here in Greece happens way more often than you’d imagine). Listen up, folks: Christianity means Love. It’s somewhere in there, I don’t know, but the gist is exactly that. If you are unable to forgive, love and respect others, no matter what they are or do, you have no right to call yourselves ‘Christians’, and that’s that. I don’t expect you to be perfect bubbles of holliness, nobody can be ever-virtuous and flawless. All I expect from you is effort. Honest, time-consuming and painfully contradictive to your worldview effort. Try to be tolerant, make it a goal in your life, and we’re done. Also, keep in mind that God is not wearing a sports uniform. You guys could be wrong, for all you know. Who says your version of God is 100% authentic? Don’t be those guys. Keep an open mind.

But, in all honesty, what struck me most is the fact that we still have to do this. I mean, come on. Why can’t we stop being such smartasses, whichever end of the spectrum we are on? It’s 2017, people! We’ve crossed the Final Frontier and went into space. We’ve faced TWO damned World Wars. And we are still a society. A flawed, not-so-balanced society. But, it’s still that. Why can’t we put our brains and efforts into something more useful (equal rights? ending poverty? eliminating discrimination?) than an argument that shouldn’t even exist? Can’t anyone keep to their own beliefs and let the others be? Honestly, stop this ‘war’. Or else, I’ll have to come down there and slap you both on the wrists.

I don’t even want coffee now. See you all next time. And behave!


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