“Thoughts before coffee” Part 17: Why are we doing this?

When you open up that Word, what is it that you want to do? I mean, you obviously want to write stuff. Stories, articles, whatever. What I mean is, what do you want to convey? Are you writing in order to educate? Entertain? Send a message?

You see, we all have our reasons for writing. Some of us want to be the next big name in Fantasy (myself included), others write in order to bring knowledge to the world. Some people want to share their views on certain topics, while others want to share their experiences. Some people even find comfort in writing down their thoughts and just watching them take shape. It helps them understand themselves.

Whatever your reason is, keep it up. What the world needs (apart from A LOT of other things), is people who are willing to put themselves in the spotlight, knowing they might get ridiculed. You must remember, being liked by all is almost always impossible, and you must never let negativity affect you.

Keep writing people, no matter why. Just find your reason, your purpose, and focus on it. As for me? I’ll just keep enjoying my coffee. See ya next time!


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