“Thoughts before coffee” Part 20: I can see Music

Hello, and welcome to another edition oooooof THOUGHTS BEFORE COFFEE!!!!!!

Ok, that sucked. Moving along.

Part 20 will be short. It’s in the category of ‘some things cannot be expressed with mere words’. But I believe you’ll get what I’m talking about.

Music is a majestic form of art, don’t you agree? How each stroke on the violin, every press on the keys of the piano, every drumroll, guitar solos and so, so many more can resonate within us, influence our mood. Music can make one laugh, cry, fall in love or curse the world around them. Music IS Magic.

It doesn’t have to be a single genre. All it takes are the lyrics, the rhythm. Every song I’ve ever heard has influenced my writing in more ways than I could possibly imagine. From Katy Perry to Kamelot and everything in between. It’s not about ‘who’ or ‘what’. It’s about ‘how’. How Music affects the mind. It is really strange, yet it makes perfect sense.

When writing, I always have something playing on the background. Doesn’t matter what it is, so long as I can picture the perfect scene. “Would that song fit as background music in what I’m describing?” is a question I often ask myself. If it fits, it sits (yay, cat memes!). If not, then either can change. It’s fine. You just have to do whatever it takes to make that brain work. And remember:

Music is all around us. All you have to do, is listen”.


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