“Chapter 7: On The Run “

“You are fucking crazy, you know that? Kill myself!” Emilia protested and stood up.

“You don’t understand. You have to kill your counterpart, the Emilia of this timeline” Max replied calmly.

“So I have to murder myself! How very reassuring!”

“Two Emilias in this timeline will create a disturbance in Time itself. You are a stranger in this world, an oddity. But you are the one who has knowledge of events that have not yet happened. You are the useful one here. Your other self can no longer exist. You have to do this, or I will” explained Max, ignoring her mockery. Emilia began pacing nervously, with Aru following her, happily wagging his tail.

“I can’t kill myself Max” she said after a few silent moments.

“Then it’s settled. I’ll do it.”

“No, you won’t” Emilia replied and jumped onto him, slapping and punching and kicking him all over. Max was surprised, but quickly regained his composure. He briefly struggled to free himself from the barrage of hits, and grabbed both of Emilia’s hands.

“Let me go, you bastard!” she screamed.

“Are you stupid? She will hear us!”

“She already has”, said a voice from the door. Both turned around and saw Emilia, still wearing her pyjamas. She was completely dumbstruck, her face white as a sheet, yet in her hands she was brandishing a kitchen knife. “What the Hell is this? You… you are Petersteel… and you are me… and I don’t remember getting high lately. Don’t move a muscle, the both of you!” she yelled as she noticed Petersteel trying to get Emilia off him.

“You’ve got to listen to me! I am you! You from the future!”

“From the future? What kind of crap is this? Tell me, what are you both doing here?”

“Saving everyone”, replied Max and punched Future Emilia while she was distracted. She fell on the floor and hit her head on the bookshelf behind her, causing a few books to drop on her. Before Past Emilia could react, he drew a gun from the inside of his coat and shot her on the chest. The knife slipped and fell from her hands, while blood flowed from the wound. Past Emilia dropped on her knees and held her hands over the hole, to no avail. Aru began to growl and threw himself on Petersteel, only to be kicked aside and hit on the head with the back of the convict’s gun. Aru passed out immediately.

“Now then… I have to apologize, to the both of you” he said, as he walked towards the bleeding woman at the door. “I am really, really sorry. Your death wasn’t in vain, though. You are making room for her” he went on, pointing at the unconscious Emilia behind him. “She has to live on. She is our hope. Everyone’s hope. Can you forgive me, knowing it had to be done? Can you move on in peace, knowing that your death will save the world?”

“You can explain all that to the police, you bastard. They are on their way” Emilia replied with a sinister smile on her face. “Finish me, if you’ve got the guts. You won’t escape again.”

“As you wish” was his response as he aimed for her forehead. The shot splattered blood all over him, and caused her to collapse on his feet. He moved quickly. He grabbed the still incapacitated body of Future Emilia and carried her as carefully as he could on his back. He reached his hand at the doorknob and opened it. He had no time to check his surroundings. He simply rushed to a red car parked next to the tree he had used to climb. He placed Emilia on the backseat and entered the car. As he moved towards the highway, he noticed the siren lights of the police cars from his mirror.

“Shit. Gotta lose those bastards!” Max cried and stepped on the pedal.


“A horrible crime took place last night in Valedorn. 28-year old Emila Day was brutally murdered by gunshots to the chest and head by none other than Max Petersteel, an anonymous source claims. The Police are investigating the possible connections between the two, as well as possible motives behind the heinous act…”

Max paid for the coffees and got out of the small cafeteria, briefly glimpsing the TV. He looked away instantly and ran towards his car. He had changed clothes after they had lost the police and he felt it was safe. Emilia was still sleeping. Good, he thought. He entered the car and turned the radio on. He was getting tired of repeatedly hearing his name all over, so instead he placed a CD into the player. He smiled and began to sing along.

“Revvin’ up your engine. Listen to her howlin’ roar…”




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