“Thoughts before coffee” Part 22: Misanthropy and why it’s stupid.

“Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.”

The infamous quote from the “Matrix”, that inspired thousands of people (including me at some point in the past) to deduce that humanity would better wipe itself off the face of the Earth, and soon.

Misanthropy is the general hatred, distrust or contempt of the human species or human nature (thanks, Wikipedia!). Essentially, it means that people hate people. It’s got nothing to do with racism, but with our species as a whole. A misanthrope will consider the human race as “self-destructive fools” or “unworthy of nature’s gifts” or whatever. And they may be right. We are, in a way, self-destructive. One has but to look at how we treat our environment, our apathy towards our fellow humans and boom! you’ve got yourself a misanthropic worldview.

My problem with misanthropy is that a) it completely ignores our collective progress as a species and b) it is used by misanthropes as a way to pass off as “more intelligent than the woefully ignorant fools”.

A): It is true. We, as humans, tend to do crappy things. I mean, we’ve invented war, nuclear warheads, inequality, racism, environmental destruction and many more. Quick questions though: how are we still standing? How did every civilization ever live long enough to pass on genetic material, skills and knowledge which eventually led to today? If we humans are a race bound to self-destruction, why hasn’t it happened already? Why aren’t we living in a Mad Max-ian society? Could it be that we are more than hyper-evolved monkeys with dangerous toys? Could it be that we are, in fact, aware that “united we stand, divided we fall?”

B) Stop! STOP! Seriously, hating humanity and continuously pointing out its flaws DOES NOT make you smarter, the same way being an atheist or mastering fart control does not mean extra points in intelligence. You probably have your reasons, most could likely be associated with a dissapointment in your past, I don’t know. But, dear smart misanthrope, where are your solutions? Humanity has serious problems, we know. You think you, sneering sarcastically, is going to help? I know you probably want to pass off as “cool” or “deep”, but what you’re actually doing is… nothing. I can sit down on my ass all day and keep pointing flaws all around me. Hell, you can do the same to me! In what way does it help?

I know that times are dark and full of terrors (G.O.T. it?), but just sitting down and counting mistakes is getting us nowhere. Not that we should turn a blind eye either. All I’m saying is, let’s focus on how to turn the tide. Stop thinking of ourselves as “the virus”, but as “the cure”. Maybe that’s a good point to start.


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