“The Order’s Goal”

"It all began during the False God years" said Laura, still keeping Mericus at gunpoint. "It was the year 2021, by their calendar. The year of the Third World War. Unpreceeded chaos, violence and billions of deaths occured for the first time. Billions, Mericus. Do you realise the magnitude of the losses?" "Am I here … Continue reading “The Order’s Goal”



Mericus woke up, feeling disoriented. His thoughts were hazy, his human eye still unable to see properly. He rose from the bed and checked his unfamiliar surroundings. He was in a dimly lit bedroom, a woman's bedroom as he could tell from the abundance of female garments hastily thrown on the chair right across the … Continue reading “Laura”


“Are you ever going to explain anything? I have to leave sometime” said Mericus, as the man kept pointing his gun at him. They were in a brightly lit room, equipped with about ten computers, two large communication screens, and a heating system, which kept the room warm. The two entrances were automatically sealed, just … Continue reading “D.S.”

“The Assembly”

    “So, it is true, then. A new rebellion commences”, said Mericus, as he walked alongside Pole, a servant of the Archmechanic. “I thought this was but a rumor.” “We had hoped so too, Master Mericus”, the servant responded in a soft voice. He was a human, bearing the symbol of Spiritus, the torch, … Continue reading “The Assembly”

“Fall of the Orthodoxy, Chapter 1: The Vow”

“Come closer, child”, said the Archmechanic with his soothing voice. The hooded youngling approached the Metal Throne, marveling at the sight: it was a dream finally coming true for him, as few could ever attain such a high honor. As he climbed the polished stairs, he could sense all the eyes, human and robotic alike, … Continue reading “Fall of the Orthodoxy, Chapter 1: The Vow”