“Comedy Thursdays” Part 1: A Cook in the Land of Dreams

  Hi! I am Elijah and I am exhausted! It all started a few months ago, when I was hired by none other than Queen Fairytale, the monarch of the Land of Dreams. You might say 'there's no such thing as a Land of Dreams', and I couldn't blame you. It's not like it exists anywhere … Continue reading “Comedy Thursdays” Part 1: A Cook in the Land of Dreams



The sun was annoying her. The heat was annoying her. The birds singing? Disgusting. The happy couples, strolling in the park in blissful ignorance? She wished them all to go to hell. Everything was annoying her. At any other time, she would've attributed her anger to trivial things, but not today. Today, her anger was … Continue reading “Mercy”

“Thoughts before coffee” Part 17: Why are we doing this?

When you open up that Word, what is it that you want to do? I mean, you obviously want to write stuff. Stories, articles, whatever. What I mean is, what do you want to convey? Are you writing in order to educate? Entertain? Send a message? You see, we all have our reasons for writing. … Continue reading “Thoughts before coffee” Part 17: Why are we doing this?

“The Legend” (first attempt at fanfiction)

  He was disgusted with everything. He was so bored, that he wanted to just pour gasoline over everything and set it ablaze, Joker-style. Why? Well... He had just begun adjusting to his new life, to his new home. He had really hoped that moving away from the city would bring him the peace he … Continue reading “The Legend” (first attempt at fanfiction)

150 pieces of candy

Let us picture happiness as a bag full of things. It can be anything, really. I'll be using candy because a) I love candy and b) find your own thing! Every human being is born with this hypothetical bag containing 150 pieces of candy. That is the default amount of 'happiness'. It is given to … Continue reading 150 pieces of candy

“For them, who are there”

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" He was sitting on the somewhat moist ground. In front of him, two large tombstones. On each grave, an opened bottle of beer. He was gulping his, often toasting with the other two. Just like in their younger days. "I know, I know. It was the cheapest. What a … Continue reading “For them, who are there”

Ο Ιδανικος σου κοσμος

«Δε περίμενα πως θα έφτανες ως εδώ.» Περπάτησε αργά προς το μέρος του, καρφώνοντας τον με ένα βλέμμα παγερό. Άφησε το μαχαίρι να γλιστρήσει από τα χέρια. Το φονικό αντικείμενο έπεσε με ένα σιγανό ήχο, καθώς πλησίαζε το θύμα. «Μη λες ψέματα. Εννοείται πως το περίμενες. Εσύ, ο Παντογνώστης Θεός… εννοείται πως το γνώριζες. Ή … Continue reading Ο Ιδανικος σου κοσμος