“Chapter 9: Checkpoint”

Mahao Bay was a quiet place, despite the many tourists wandering about. The smell of the salty sea, combined with the alluring aroma of the flowers made the air intoxicating. On the sandy beach, various locals were performing with flaming torches, doing some dangerous and daring tricks. Emilia and Max were walking among the crowd, … Continue reading “Chapter 9: Checkpoint”


“Chapter 8: An unlikely cooperation”

Emilia was reluctantly sipping her coffee. She and Max had stopped near the Forest of Benjamin, a small patch of green between Valedorn and their next stop. Max had been driving for a few hours now, avoiding the highways, as well as the roads with most traffic. Emilia had been silent since she'd waken up. Beneath … Continue reading “Chapter 8: An unlikely cooperation”

“Chapter 7: On The Run “

"You are fucking crazy, you know that? Kill myself!" Emilia protested and stood up. "You don't understand. You have to kill your counterpart, the Emilia of this timeline" Max replied calmly. "So I have to murder myself! How very reassuring!" "Two Emilias in this timeline will create a disturbance in Time itself. You are a stranger … Continue reading “Chapter 7: On The Run “

“Chapter 3: A Stubborn Watch”

Emilia finished reading the letter. She sat on the chair, breathing heavily. Tears were running down her eyes, yet it was not sadness that she felt. It was something inexplicable, something unknown to her. Hugh and Max Petersteel knew each other. They had discovered something together. And she never knew. He kept secrets from her. … Continue reading “Chapter 3: A Stubborn Watch”

“Thoughts before coffee” Part 12: The importance of the Quest

Almost every tale revolves around the hero's journey. A quest to hunt soul-binding items that grant immortality, throw rings into pits of lava, you get the picture. Why is it so important though? Why does the majority of those stories include a quest? For one, I believe that the purpose of a quest is to … Continue reading “Thoughts before coffee” Part 12: The importance of the Quest

“Thoughts before coffee” Part 11: Dystopian fiction

A popular genre of Literature, dystopian fiction is gaining ground by the day. 'Hunger Games', 'The Maze Runner', the 'Divergent' trilogy are but a few examples of this phenomenon. Wanna know why? *leans closer to your ear* Do you? Literature, in any form, has the habit of keeping up with the times. In ancient times, … Continue reading “Thoughts before coffee” Part 11: Dystopian fiction

“Chapter 2: The Convict’s Gift”

The next morning found Emilia still lying on the couch. When she finally woke up, she noticed that Aru had left. She yawned and got up, streched her arms and grabbed the remote. As she was about to turn the TV off, she caught a glimpse of the news. As the man kept on saying … Continue reading “Chapter 2: The Convict’s Gift”

“Thoughts before coffee” Part 5: Don’t give up on your writing.

I am an aspiring writer, having just recently completed my first book and currently hoping I will get it published soon. It is not an easy task, as probably many of you know. You know how hard it is  when your brain is emptier than the Boötes void when it comes to new ideas. What … Continue reading “Thoughts before coffee” Part 5: Don’t give up on your writing.