“Are you ever going to explain anything? I have to leave sometime” said Mericus, as the man kept pointing his gun at him. They were in a brightly lit room, equipped with about ten computers, two large communication screens, and a heating system, which kept the room warm. The two entrances were automatically sealed, just … Continue reading “D.S.”


  “The Message”

“You mean to tell me you failed?” the Archmechanic asked in a calm tone. Mericus was kneeling before him, with his hood covering his face; he was back in the Gear Church, in the same dark hall in which he was appointed as a Mechanic. “I beg your forgiveness, Master.” “You know, had you not … Continue reading   “The Message”

“The Assembly”

    “So, it is true, then. A new rebellion commences”, said Mericus, as he walked alongside Pole, a servant of the Archmechanic. “I thought this was but a rumor.” “We had hoped so too, Master Mericus”, the servant responded in a soft voice. He was a human, bearing the symbol of Spiritus, the torch, … Continue reading “The Assembly”

“Fall of the Orthodoxy, Chapter 1: The Vow”

“Come closer, child”, said the Archmechanic with his soothing voice. The hooded youngling approached the Metal Throne, marveling at the sight: it was a dream finally coming true for him, as few could ever attain such a high honor. As he climbed the polished stairs, he could sense all the eyes, human and robotic alike, … Continue reading “Fall of the Orthodoxy, Chapter 1: The Vow”