“Chapter 9: Checkpoint”

Mahao Bay was a quiet place, despite the many tourists wandering about. The smell of the salty sea, combined with the alluring aroma of the flowers made the air intoxicating. On the sandy beach, various locals were performing with flaming torches, doing some dangerous and daring tricks. Emilia and Max were walking among the crowd, … Continue reading “Chapter 9: Checkpoint”


“Thoughts before coffee” Part 22: Misanthropy and why it’s stupid.

"Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet." The infamous quote from the "Matrix", that inspired thousands of people (including me at some point in the past) to deduce that humanity would better wipe itself off the face of the Earth, and soon. Misanthropy is the general hatred, distrust or contempt of the … Continue reading “Thoughts before coffee” Part 22: Misanthropy and why it’s stupid.

“Comedy Thursdays” Part 1: A Cook in the Land of Dreams

  Hi! I am Elijah and I am exhausted! It all started a few months ago, when I was hired by none other than Queen Fairytale, the monarch of the Land of Dreams. You might say 'there's no such thing as a Land of Dreams', and I couldn't blame you. It's not like it exists anywhere … Continue reading “Comedy Thursdays” Part 1: A Cook in the Land of Dreams


The sun was annoying her. The heat was annoying her. The birds singing? Disgusting. The happy couples, strolling in the park in blissful ignorance? She wished them all to go to hell. Everything was annoying her. At any other time, she would've attributed her anger to trivial things, but not today. Today, her anger was … Continue reading “Mercy”

“Chapter 8: An unlikely cooperation”

Emilia was reluctantly sipping her coffee. She and Max had stopped near the Forest of Benjamin, a small patch of green between Valedorn and their next stop. Max had been driving for a few hours now, avoiding the highways, as well as the roads with most traffic. Emilia had been silent since she'd waken up. Beneath … Continue reading “Chapter 8: An unlikely cooperation”

“Chapter 7: On The Run “

"You are fucking crazy, you know that? Kill myself!" Emilia protested and stood up. "You don't understand. You have to kill your counterpart, the Emilia of this timeline" Max replied calmly. "So I have to murder myself! How very reassuring!" "Two Emilias in this timeline will create a disturbance in Time itself. You are a stranger … Continue reading “Chapter 7: On The Run “

“Chapter 6: Second Chance”

"How did you know... about this?" she asked, as Petersteel was sitting comfortably on her bed, his grin etched onto his face. She couldn't help but think he looked annoying. He took a deep breath, looked her in the eye, and started his narration. "As I explain in the letter, Hugh was hiding some things … Continue reading “Chapter 6: Second Chance”

“Thoughts before coffee” Part 21: On Originality and Comparison

Tolkien, Poe, Lovecraft, Homer, Virgil. Kubrick, Hitchcock, Spielberg. Names that we've all heard at least once in our llives. Works we've admired. And, when we talk about them, we tend to compare. "Nobody can be like Tolkien", we say. "There will be no other 'Master of Suspence'", we say. And my question is simple: why … Continue reading “Thoughts before coffee” Part 21: On Originality and Comparison

“Thoughts before coffee” Part 18: On Criticism.

Wow, part 18! This means that T.B.C. is an adult now! Yay, drinking and voting! And, since this series is now old enough to legally step into a strip club, it's time for a hard truth: Everyone and anyone will judge you. For whatever reason. They just will. This works both ways. You will judge … Continue reading “Thoughts before coffee” Part 18: On Criticism.

“Chapter 5: The Second Break-In”

Emilia slowly stood up, using the back of a chair to support her weight. She was still feeling nauseated. Aru was still by her side, wagging his tail happily as always. She reached for the switch and light filled the small hall. Her movements were sluggish, her vision blurry. She kept taking deep breaths. "I... … Continue reading “Chapter 5: The Second Break-In”